Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized processes and the ever widening impact of Blockchain are going to have a major impact on the way things are done, who does them and who makes the money.

Where there were once huge barriers to entry, the door is now open.

Individuals can now access income from the type of business once reserved for Institutions, Governments and High Net-Worth Individuals. They can through Blockchain, DeFi and P2P protocols became bankers participating in income from trading, brokerage, settlements, fees, mortgages, finance, margin lending and a host of other financial services.

To start our build out we have decided to run a Beta program, “The Lucky Club” and there we are implementing technology we have already developed and building out new technology over the next 12 months. Right now we have a seamless electronic interface between the platform and the trade desk allowing people to access an income stream from brokerage, margin lending, fees and commissions, and that is what we call TLC. REET is next project.

REET is Blockchain based 1st Mortgage Business in South East Asia and operating in Thailand allowing P2P participation in Mortgage lending in the fastest growing region of the world, also expected to be operating in 2021.

Once we have sufficient momentum and have ironed out all the bugs, we will “rehome” to KEPRIA.

KEPRIA is a private economic and political research institute based in Asia that is steering the direction of model in terms of business, demand and political challenges.

Once homed in KEPRIA sometime in 2022 we will push out in to more markets, our push will be one based on building a better model through the Beta program and those members will participate in the upside of our success, hence they are the lucky ones.